June 30, 2011


I may have hinted at it the other day, but I thought it was time to officially say, we are having a baby! I am 14 weeks pregnant and due at the end of December (on my step-dad's bday)! We couldn't be more excited. This pregnancy was a wee bit of a surprise but the timing is actually working out perfectly. I've been rather sluggish (well, exhausted) the last few months but I am finally getting my energy back, just in time for the Atlanta, LA, NYC gift shows. I've had barely any nausea and only one full fledged hormonal outburst thus far, so feeling pretty lucky! I do find that my mind is pure mush which, you're sweet if you say you haven't noticed, has affected my blogging for sure. I've tried to cut myself some slack when the inspiration just isn't there, or it's 9pm and I am falling asleep on my computer. I hope you'll bear with me, my summer is about to get a little crazier, so my blogging might become a little less consistent. Thank you for understanding my sweet readers!
Charlie and I picked out this cute chicken onesie after our 12 week ultrasound and the other day I couldn't resist this ship tee as I have a soft spot for all things nautical. So here's me trying really hard to look pregnant. I may have been sticking my stomach out a little...


  1. Yay! So happy you can finally share the good news with everyone. Can wait to see that little 2nd cousin of mine :)

  2. Love this post! Just discovered your blog, so I'll be checking more often. Congratulations again!

  3. Lilly you look so beautiful!! love the nautical onesie!! So excited to meet baby Walton!!

  4. amazing!
    mom to be
    you look beautiful!

    i am so excited for you and C!

    and yes, give yourself a break! you have a lot to focus on now!
    sending love to all THREE of you!

  5. Congrats again! Are you going to find out what gender the baby is or are you going to wait and see? I'm curious if our dreams had any merit -- but can surely wait 9 months to find out if you all want to keep it secret. ;) xo

  6. Thank you everyone! Yes Wallace, we are finding out the sex at the end of July/early August. I'm so curious if our dreams had any merit as well!

  7. Congratulations! Enjoy every moment.